In class on Monday we all got into groups to discuss how we thought public relations has evolved. After splitting up into groups, mine being The Pioneer Age, we discussed what we thought about this era. Lets just say I definetly learned a lot. We talked about the first publicity agency that opened in Boston in 1900. Publicity Bureau was its name and Harvard college was its most royal client. I also learned that Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company was “Americas First Major Indutrialist”. He was also one of the first people to  use the two basic public relations concepts, which was being easily accessible to the press and the idea that credit and publicity always go to those who do something first. It suprised me to find out that our president at that time was considered to be a master of promoting and public relations. I also found out that the name “Teddy” for Theodore Roosevelt became an iconic name that helped endear him to the public. The “father of public relations” Edward Bernays came to the PR scene during the “pioneering age” also, he had a career in public relations that was almost three quarters of a century long. Some clients of Bernays were Ivory soap, Ballet Russe and Lights Golden Jubilee.  In the future I would like to learn more about the different pioneers of public relations and how they used public relations during this time period. I would also like to learn a little more about the other eras of Public relations and how they all intertwine with eachother.