When I first began using Twitter I must admit I thought that the concept was quite stupid. I mean “tweeting” people and reading peoples updated statuses definetly threw me for a loop. But after getting aquainted with the program I learned that twitter is actually pretty cool. I began following different people and realized that I could not only find others who may be able to help me land jobs or internships but I also could learn alot from twitter. I began following kids from my class and they all helped me when I had questions about wordpress or an assignment. It really is a useful way to be able to get assignments and keep in touch without having to use a phone, email or other source of communication. I also liked how twitter was fast and allowed me to get information alot faster than if I would have had to call people or email them. One thing I didnt really like about twitter was the fact that it wasnt very private. It made me a little bit nervous knowing that all these people could see my profile even if I had no idea who they were. Granted you are allowed to make your profile private, I felt that it defeated the purpose of being able to get myself and my name out there. Overall twitter was a great learning experience for me. I definetly have all intentions of continuing to use it for a long time to come.  I would recommend twitter to anyone who wants to make it in the PR world.