1. Of the 3 basic value orientations, I believe that the PR practictioner in this movie portays the existential views. The way he makes his decisions based on what is “right”, right now is one example. Another example is the way he never thinks that something cannot be done.

2. According to the PRSA Code of Ethics, it is quite obvious that this PR practitioner was quite unethical in many ways. He was very deceitful, unfair and could not be trusted. He was doing everything in his power to make things the way he wanted them to look and he let nothing get in his way of doing so.

3. The logic behind the phrase “wag the dog” is when someone makes a situation seem something it is not by creating the situation so that the audience reacts in an already determined matter. It is relevant to this siuation because that is exactly what they do in this movie, they took a situation and covered it up with a “seemingly worse” situation.

4. In my opinion this movie made me look at PR a lot differently. Yes there were both positive and negative situations, but it made me realize that PR is a tough field and to be a part of it you must be ready to go to certain extents to get the job done.