There are several different tips that every future business woman or man should know before going to interview for a job, I have found that these tips work for interviews for important jobs and even for smaller jobs such as waitressing or working in retail. Here are 1o tips that I think will almost ALWAYS work:

1) Make sure you are ALWAYS on time. When showing up for an interview it is crucial to be prompt and on time. This is your first impression tothe interviewer and by being on time it shows that this interview is important to you and that you have respect for the interviewers time.


2) Research the company before the interview. By already knowing certain facts about the company such as the mission statement or yearly figures, you are showing the company that you are interested in what they do and that you have come prepared and ready to show them what you’ve got.

3)Bring your resume with you. Make sure to bring a copy of the resume that you have given to the company with you. It is important to have a copy for yourself so you can follow along as they go through their copy of your resume.

4) Dress to be remembered! Make sure that what you wear something that the interviewer will remember, and by remember I dont mean something that is risque or offensive, I mean wear something with bright colors that show off your confidence. Make sure that whatever you wear you feel like you look respectful yet comfortable in. It shows when you are uneasy or pulling at your clothes every 2 minutes.

5) Make sure you have a list of questions already prepared before the interview. By having a list of questions to ask the interviewer about their company it shows them that you care and that you are wanting and willing to learn more about them any chance you get. Companies want to make sure that their employees are enthusiastic and proud of what they represent!

6) Make sure to keep eye contact and remain engaged and interested throughout the interview. Come on now this is obvious, no one is going to hire someone who seems uninterested or unmotivated during the interview.

7) KEEP CELL PHONES OFF OR IN YOUR CAR!!!!  It is VERY embarrassing to have a cell phone or pager go off during the interview. So just keep ’em off or preferably in your car.


8) Make sure you are well rested and look put together. Get a good nights sleep the night before an interview. People can see it in your eyes if you’re tired, companies want to hire people who look healthy and happy. Check yourself in the mirror right before you go into the interview. Make sure hair is in place, nothing is in your teeth and clothes are comfortable and situated. Someone who looks put together, feels put together and this makes you look and feel confident!

9) Write and/or email a thank you note to the interviewer. By making sure to send a thank you note, companies will see that you really want the job and that you are thinking about it be sending the note. I recommend handwriting a note because it feels much more personal!

10) Follow up with the company. Make sure to call and follow up with the company within a few days of the interview. This shows your interest in the job and in turn will show the company how important this job is to you.