I have began to realize as each year passes and another spring semester comes along it becomes harder and harder  to become motivated to finish work and go to class. With all the amazing weather and the pools being open, I find myself sometimes wanting to do these things instead of actually going to class or studying ahead of time for tests. Heres a few pointers that have helped me get through my end of semester blues….

  • Although it may be sunny and 80 degrees, remember that you have ALL summer to be at the pool. If you know someone in your class, ask them to help hold you accountable and make it to every class.
  • Studying ahead of time for tests may be easy at the beginning of the semester when you are on top of things, but when April hits a wave of happy hours and bar trips seems to make you put off studying for tests until the night before. Instead of doing this, study 1 hour every night for a week before your test. Trust me it makes it a whole lot easier and a whole lot less stressful!
  • Avoid sleeping through your first class, it only gets easier to skip the rest of them for the day if you have already skipped one.
  • When you have a break in between classes, stay on campus. Do some extra work or study for a test coming up, when you have to leave campus and then come back, you are more apt to skip.

HAPPY STUDYING!!!!!!!!summertime