PR Podcast “Social Media Throwdown” between Hajj Flemings and Geoff Livingston.  Click here to hear podcast.

Several different things I learned:

  • Your personal brand is defined by your character
  • Should be more of a character based process not about your reputation
  • About 70-80% of employers google potential employees before or right after an interview.
  • Critical for potential employees to put themselves online and create their own “space” in social networks.
  • A star or top performer is always going to rise to the top regardless of whethere or not they are trained a certain way.
  • Companies will benefit if they want to grow their employees and make them better when they leave then when they arrived.

What suprised me:

  • Employers benefit from their employees knowledge, not the other way around.
  • Companies should be careful with employees who bring alot to the table and make sure they dont depend just on that one single person but on the team as a whole.
  • It is not about what you say but more about what you do.
  • Blogging programs help to boost a companies reputation and helps attract employees.
  • When looking at a personal brand, it is a lifestyle. Most people do not change when they leave the workplace. They are still the same person as when they arrived at work.

I loved listening to this blog, I felt that the way it was set up like a debate really kept me interested. I would definetly like to learn more about this issue of “personal branding”. It seems like something that is very applicable to the community of Public Relations.