• After learning about the disgusting things that were going on at a certain Domino’s Pizza, I wanted to further research what exactly it is that these companies need to do to make up for their bad behavior. After many web sites, I stumbled across one that was very interesting to me. It further explained PR Crisis Management and what to do in the time of a crisis.  This blog, Crisis Public Relations, explains in detail what steps to take in fixing a crisis. Check it out, its really cool.

There are five steps that should be executed in order to properly manage a crisis:

  • First, the corporation in crisis should be prompt. Timing is everything in the PR world.
  • Second, the corporation should be honest. The public is almost always more willing to forgive an honest mistake than a company that tries to lie.
  • Third, be informative.The media and the public will create their own rumors if no information is given to them. Rumors  cause alot more damage to the corporation than the truth.
  • Fourth, it is important to be concerned and show the public you care. People will be more forgiving if the company shows that they care about the people that they hurt.
  • Finally, maintain relationships. This is important because the corporation can learn a lot about the status of their company by listening to the public opinion.