In class last week we learned about the anatomy of a news release and what all it should contain. I found this class to be very helpful in allowing me to better understand what all goes into a news release. There were 13 different parts. The next few bullets will better explain these parts.

  • Letterhead with address: The letterhead is very important because it shows us or the deliverer who the news release goes to.
  • The word “News Release”: Yes, it seems like this would be common sense but there are many people who forget or just dont’ write these very important words at the top of their release.
  • For Immediate Release or Embargo: Let’s us know if this release needs to be put out for the public immediately or not.
  • Media Contact: Important for the people who are reading the release. This information is needed in case someone needs to contact others involved with whatever the news release may be about.

                         1. Headline and subhead

                         2. Dateline

                         3. Lead

                         4. Quotations

                         5. Body

                         6. Page Slugs

                         7. Additional Contact Info

                         8. Boilerplate

                         9. End Signs

  • As you can see, writing a news release has many important parts. Exclusion of one of these parts makes the news release appear unprofessional and sloppy. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL! It matters in the PR world!

HERE is a heplful website on writing news and press release. press-release