S.A.G.E  is an organization on campus that strives to change the way people see changing out earth into a “greener” one. Not only does this organization help students learn more about recycling, reusing products etc, they are actually changing the way we do certain things on campus.

There are several ways to go about segmenting the publics for this client. The first thing I would do is strive to make what we do understandable to ALL groups, not just ones who already know about the pros and cons and reducing, reusing and recycling.  Secondly, I would make sure that I do not assume that audiences know everything there is to know about this group. I would make sure that I give them background information on this group and what it is that they stand for.

My brochure will be designed to ENTERTAIN yet EXPLAIN!! I want my audience to see a design that is LOUD and out there but I want it to be informative. A lot of people may think that recycling is a boring topic, I want to change that  stereotype and get people pumped about Saving the Earth!!! I think that by designing a brochure that invites all types of audiences will allow the word to be spread throughout more people and it will happen quicker.