Typography…. what exactly is it?  Is it a word related to typing, fonts, words? Well not exactly. Typography is a word that RELATES to all these things and more. Here let me try to explain….

1. Factors that go into deciding on typefaces?  There are many things that designers must evaluate before deciding on a typeface that will be appropriate for their publication. The designer must find out who their target audience is, then they can go on to figuring out what font would be right. They must also factor in what their audience considers “attractive” in a publication so that they can use this in their ads.

2. What sizes are considered best for business cards, brochures, etc? For the most part, smaller easier to read fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman are considered best for business cards because you can make them very small and they can still be easy to read. For brochures, other “crazier” fonts may be used since you will have more room to work with but you still need to be careful that you select a font and size that is appropriate for the audience that you are trying to reach.

I found THIS SITE the other day which has a whole list of usable fonts you can find on the web.

I also found this helpful site that will allow users to learn how to install fonts that they find onto their computers, CHECK IT OUT!