I LOVED this online course! I am trying to become a more talented photographer daily, and these different pictures helped me learn a lot more than I thought I already knew! The online little quizzes were a lot of help and really allowed me to challenge myself and to learn more than I would if I was just trying to read and memorize information.

I would love to learn more about lighting concepts because in my short career as an amateur, this is a topic that I have had some trouble with. The way that they used certain lighting was so amazing to me, you would never think it about lighting makes or break a picture. The wrong shadow or too bright of light can make the picture have a completely different feel than you were going for.

I recommend this short course to anyone who has taken an interest in photography or someone who may just want to learn a few fun ways to look at different pictures! I am going to continue to use it and hope that it will sharpen my skills as a photographer.