Been hard at work on my brochure for SAGE… let me tell you, making this thing is a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. I had some troubles with the ADOBE InDesign program, but after searching I found some great websites that helped me get through some of those rough patches.

  • This eHow site was EXTREMELY helpful when I was searching for different topics relating to InDesign, I would recommend any ADOBE user to check it out! This specific site though is helpful when trying to figure out that tricky aligning text business : )
  • This site for DUMMIES was also great and taught me how to resize and remove objects etc from my brochure

Overall, I really was proud of my final product. In the end all the hard work, frustration and screaming at my computer really paid off. InDesign is a great program for creating brochures I just wish they could make is a little bit more accesible and easier to use. I enjoyed designing and creating something that was all my own, it made the project feel less school like and more like something that I accomplished for myself.