I just found out last night that I received an internship with an art gallery back home in Marietta, Ga for next Fall!! I am so excited!! This gallery is named dk gallery and was started by the mom of one of my good friends from high school. For my intership I am going to be the PR assistant for a monthly event the gallery has called “Art Walk”. I will be making flyers, ads and getting the word out to people in the community about this event.

Here is a little bit more information on the gallery itself:

  • dk Gallery represents emerging and established contemporary painters and sculptors of the South who have demonstrated advanced mastery of their media.
  • dk Gallery is committed to becoming the premier source for original fine art. As a full service gallery, they offer complimentary consultation to help you choose works that fit perfectly in your home or office.
  • All the art that is housed in dk gallery is completely original and is definitely very contemporary.
  • Some of the artists include Jennifer Ahrens, Lance Carlson, Jack Kehoe, Fonde Taylor, Elizabeth Barber etc etc.