When applying for a job a cover letter should be sent or posted with your resume. If you are not sure what to write, review cover letters online or cover letters your friends or fellow classmates have done. Your cover letter should be specific to the position you are applying for, explaining your skills and experience and relating them to the job you  are applying for. Your cover letter is your first and greatest chance to make a good impression! 

There are several cover letter tips I found on about. com…..

1) Select the right cover letter type for the job you are applyling for

2) Start from a cover letter template

3) Write a custom cover letter for each job you are applying for

4) Format your cover letter to ensure that there are no mistakes

5) Make sure to personalize each cover letter

6) Send an email cover letter and be sure to follow all instructions as listed by the employer in sending the email

7) Explain any employment gaps that will be on your resume

8 ) Review and compare your cover letter to other examples

9) Check, check and recheck your cover letter before sending!!

There are also several instances when you will need to know when to send a cover letter and when it is unneccessary. These tips come from accent resume writing.

 The rule of thumb is if you are not shaking hands with the employer and introducing yourself, then you need a cover letter to introduce yourself and to increase your chances of getting hired.  If you are meeting face to face with the hiring manager, you are introducing yourself verbally and requesting an interview.  This is when you would hand them your resume without a cover letter.  If you are sending a resume by mail, if you give your resume to a friend to hand in, or if you leave your resume with the hiring manager’s secretary you need to have a cover letter with your resume.

There are 4 topics that you should cover in your cover letter and they need to be in this distince order. The employer will not only be grateful for this but will be impressed you took your time to do so.

1) What position are you applying for?

2) How did you learn of the position or the  company?

3) Why are you the right fit for the position?

4) Who will contact who?

It is usually found that covering points 1 and 2 in the first paragraph and 3 and 4 in the second paragraph works best for the employer reading the cover letter.
Being able to write a cover letter is crucial when job hunting. Employers will want to know the facts about you and when you cannot interview face to face, a cover letter is the next best way to tell the employer a little more about yourself than just what is on your resume. WOW the employer with an excellent cover letter and you can almost guarantee that you have a much better chance of getting the job!

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