Just got done reading some recent tweets and saw Professor Andrew’s comment about a blog post topic, “Should students be allowed to fire members of their research groups?”. For some this may be a controversial topic, but for me I see it being very black and white. You either do the work that your group asks of you or you don’t. And if a group member is not pulling their slack their should definetly be the option of firing them.

Although it may seem easy to fire someone , I feel that their should be stipulations to this “firing” process. There should be solid proof that this group member was either not doing their work, not showing up for group meetings, or causing problems within the group. The instructor of the class should also have a say in whether or not this member should be fired or not.

We got our groups for my research class on Tuesday and I am proud to say that I think our group is going to be one of the strongest in the class. Although we only have three members (other groups have four), the members of our group are hard working and seem to want to do well in this course. What more could I ask for?? I had two AWFUL experiences last semester with group projects so I was very hesitant going into this project. Yet it seems that this time around my group project experience is going to give me a whole new outlook on working in teams!