So I am sure that everyone is has either already done their internship or is starting the search for one. There are several words of advice I can give you when searching for your dream internship. Look below and follow along and I promise that if you follow this advice you will at least be on your way to finding the perfect internship for you.

–With summer on its way, students interested in participating in an internship should begin their search now. This year it will likely be even more difficult to find a program due to the fact that everyone is trying to ad something to their resumes since the job market isn’t at it’s best. This means that students may have to put more effort that usual into securing a slot in an internship program.

–You should start by contacting the career department at your campus in order to find out if any companies have sent out information about their programs. The businesses that do this are actively recruiting interns and often have more than one slot available. Other places to look for leads include advisors, other professors, parents and friends parents etc.

–After discovering your possibilities, it is a good idea to begin researching the companies you may be applying to. This will give you a good idea about the office place culture of each place and what may be expected of you. This will help you make a more informed decision about which companies to apply to.

–Once you’ve done this, you should select somewhere between three to five possibilities. This will help to increase your chances of being selected for a program.

–Far and away the best way to get a job is through contacts that you know: through relatives, through a grad student who works there (and may come back to recruit), through your advisor etc. Don’t feel bad about this: there are so many applications that even good ones get buried without a boost from someone that the company already knows and trusts who can vouch for you.

Here are 5 small pieces of advice for you:

1. Know what you’re getting into and speak up from the start

2. Be proactive

3. Do your homework

4. It’s the little things that count

5. Network, network, network

**** I also asked around from some friends who had advice from completing prior internships. GSU student, Allison Cobb says that in order to make sure you get an internship that is going to best suit your needs and in the alotted time that you need it, you MUST plan in advance and have at least 4 or 5 back up plans if your dream internship does not work out. Former Auburn University student Lisa Sundberg explains that you must be willing to take a non paid internship, the larger, more well known companies know that their intern ship spots are very competitive and for that reason, know that they will not have to pay the right person. She also said that in today’s economy it is hard to find an employer who is going to pay an intern anything more than minimum wage if that.

*Overall you should make sure that you are looking for an internship that is going to best fit your personality, type of future employment you like, where you want to potentially live etc etc. If you do these above things then the likelihood of finding an internship that best suits you is very huge. Happy searching!