I am lucky enough to have a PR professional that is very close to me. In fact it is my mom Wendy Kupcewicz. My mom works for InfoMart, a company that sells background checks, drug tests etc to other large companies such as FedEx and Nissan.  She graduated from Bowling Green University in Ohio in 1977. She is a sales representative and does PR work helping to market and sell InfoMarts products.I conducted this interview face to face

  • Whats a typical week like for you?

There really is no “typical” week but usually i’ll get to work around 8am, I begin by going through contact lists of companies I plan on calling  to discuss our products with them. I will also make power point presentations that we use in meetings when companies come in. About once a month I help plan conventions that we have to market our products. The list could go on forever, lets just say there is never really a dull moment.

  • Tell me about a project you worked on that you were especially proud of?

Well up until recently I have been talking with Duke University about switching over and using our company and our products.  Big accounts like these usually take about 6 months to go through and although they are still on the fence about it, things are looking good. If we get this account, it not only will be big for our company but it will be my first huge account since I began working here almost 2 years ago.

  • What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

Honestly, I wish I would have known just how important writing skills are in this field. I cannot stress enough that you HAVE to be a good writer to excel in PR. No employer wants somebody who can’t do something as simple as writing up a good press release etc.

  • How important is writing in your career?

VERY. I am constantly writing up proposals or press releases for our companies conventions. Without writing ability PR really is almost impossible.

  • What 3 tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

I could think of endless things but the 3 most important would be first make sure you intern somewhere that is going to really put you out there to work. Experience is key when companies look at resumes, the more internships the better. Secondly I would do research. Make sure you know a sufficient amount of information about the companies that you are interviewing with. Lastly, be out there! Dont be afraid to call back after an interview. Initiative is what employers want. They want someone who is ready to work and is happy to be a part of their team.

  • What do you do to keep current in the PR Industry?

Well up until recently I was technologically illiterate. I had no idea how to blog or put myself out there on the web. I will definitetly say I had to change all of that. Keeping up with PR is nearly impossible if you’re not out on the web. I am constantly googling etc just to keep up on day to day changes.

*After this interview, I feel exactly the same way about working in PR as I always have. I couldnt be more ready to be out there in the field working. Having a PR professional right in my own home has allowed me to see first hand what its like and I think that has allowed me to really learn about the industry.