With graduation coming up, I kept asking myself what would be the most beneficial workshop I could attend. After having some trouble with putting together my resume package for PR practicum, I figured that my best bet would be to attend the Cover Letter and Resume Workshop that Career Services put on.

Here are a few things I learned…..

We all know that your resume is by far one of the most important tools to have when applying for jobs. Making a winning resume will not only help you land your dream job, but it will make the process a whole lot easier. Before starting, you need to make sure that you have a list of all the things you have accomplished in the past, whether it be school, job or extracurricular activities. You can narrow your list down later but having things to choose from makes it easier to weed out the unimportant things. When you find a job wanted ad, you can then tailor your resume with certain accomplishments that fit the need of the employer. Things such as computer skills, internship experience or experience in the field that you are applying for are all things that will help you in the job hunt.

We also learned that your resume CAN be more than one page long. I am not sure if this is right or wrong since all we have ever been taught is to keep it at one page right out of college. I can see both sides to the arguement, you don’t want to limit yourself to one page but you also don’t want to seem overly confident and or that you “deserve” to have a multiple page resume. I will leave this one up to each individual…

Now on to what we learned about cover letters. A cover letter is the first thing that any prospective employer is going to read. This means that you want to give them something that sparks their interest. You don’t want to use only “I” statements though, the last thing you want is for the employer to think, “This person only cares about their needs”. You want the employer to think, “Wow! This person would be a great asset to our team!”.

Just like in the resume you are going to want to tailor your cover letter to fit the needs of the job you are applying for. Sparking the employers interest is the most crucial matter when it comes to cover letters. You want them to WANT to read your resume. Also, make sure that your phone number, email and other contact information is all right on the cover letter and resume. The last thing you want is your future employer not being able to get in touch with you to tell you that you got the job. It may sound like a simple mistake but you would be suprised on how many people make that mistake.

Overall, this workshop was EXTREMELY helpful. I learned a lot of things I had never even heard of before. It was a great workshop and I would recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to venture out into the work force.